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Upcoming BJLBA Board Elections - Positions Available

Are you interested in being more involved with BJLBA? We have open board positions available and coming up for vote on Monday, November 1st.  All BJLBA Officers and 2021 Rec Season Managers are eligible to vote. 

If you are interested in being considered for a board position, assisting on a committee, or want more information, please let let us know by emailing or clicking the contact link below.

We have open positions to fill; additionally, re-election is not guaranteed for any ballot positions. Members-at-Large cannot serve as manager for a team (though you can be an assistant coach). All elected Officer positions serve a 2-year term.
Up for election: 
1.    Commissioner (currently Huss)
2.    Concessionaire (currently Huss)
3.    Secretary (currently Drahos)
4.    Treasurer (currently Carr)
5.    Member-at-Large #1, #3, and #5 (#1 – OPEN (was Roric Fischer), #3 – OPEN (was Sara Conrad), #5 – currently Andy Hamilton)

Vacant positions not up for election: 
1.    Vice President – OPEN – position to be appointed by President an approved by Officers
2.    Member-at-Large #6 – OPEN -position to be appointed by President and approved by Officers

We also need to know who is interested in being/continuing as League Reps for 2022. League Reps should be manager of a team in their assigned division for the 2022 season. League Rep appointments are a 1-year term. These positions are NOT voted on at the Annual Meeting, but we would like to get reps in place as soon as possible. There are 2 League Reps per division. 

1. Majors - ?, ?    (2021 Reps were Armstrong and Mason)
2. Minors - ?, ?    (2021 Reps were Smith and Smith)            
3. Juniors - ?, ?    (2021 Reps were McCoy and Carney)
4. Novice - ?, ?    (2021 Reps were Coleman and Rybicki)

Thank you,
BJLBA Officers

For More Information About Joining the BJLBA Board Email

Concession Stand Workers Needed!

Interested in working the concession stand for Spring Season? Email your name and contact info to Information about dates, shifts, pay, and other details will be send out to those interested. Please note that concession stand workers need to be age 14+. Groups and organizations are welcome to apply as well.

Bloomington Junior League Baseball Association (BJLBA)

The Winslow Sports Complex is home to the BJLBA and is located at 2800 S. Highland Ave, Bloomington IN 47401. BJLBA hosts USSSA Recreational & Travel Baseball opportunities from early Spring to late Fall. Kids of all ages can participate in the following Divisions:
    5 & 6 - Novice ... 7 & 8 - Juniors ... 9 & 10 -  Minors ... 11 & 12 - Majors      

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Contact Us

Bloomington Junior League Baseball Association