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2020 Recreation Season - The Plan

Thank you so much for your patience as we work on a plan to open BJLBA for the 2020 recreational season. We appreciate everyone who took the time to answer the survey, and we took your answers and additional comments into consideration as we made a plan. We felt it necessary to hold off of a decision about a 2020 season for as long as we did to allow us to see how the community, other youth sports leagues, and local schools are navigating the current situation. Even as we announce our plans and take the steps necessary to get the rec program started, it should be understood that all plans are subject to further changes as circumstances dictate to balance the health and safety of our players and their families with the desire to provide Bloomington youth a chance to play recreational baseball this summer.

Please know that the health of your child and family should be your top priority. While BJLBA will be encouraging certain safety measures, we realize that these may not meet your personal risk threshold. We cannot guarantee that someone will not contract COVID-19 during the rec season, nor can we guarantee that you will not be in contact with someone infected during the season. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with your child playing baseball this summer, we will understand completely if you wish to withdrawal and sit the season out. If you have a child or an immediate family member that is at high risk, we respectfully ask that you not play this year. If at any point during the season, you or an immediate family member is feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you stay away from the Winslow fields to help stop the spread of the virus.

We will have a modified 2020 recreational season this year! Based on the survey results, 60% of players are ready to play right away. 20% are undecided and want to see how things progress with the COVID-19 numbers following the opening of businesses and local gatherings, and the final 20% wish to withdrawal due to safety concerns/other activities due to a shift in season dates/other reasons.

Here's how the 2020 recreational season will look.

Dates: We plan to start practices Monday, July 13th. Team practices will last for 2 weeks. Games will begin Monday July 27th and go through August 21st (with the week of August 28th available for rain make-ups and practices.)  A City Tourney will be held the week of August 31st and end September 4th.

Ages 11/12 will play on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Rain make-ups on Fridays.

Ages 8/9/10 will play in the same division. While the 9/10 (Minors) division is kid-pitch, we realize that 8 year olds may not be ready for that yet. Coaches will pitch to the 8 yr old players during the game. 

This division will play on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings. Rain make-ups on Fridays.

AGES 5/6/7 – Rather than games, we will hold a type of instructional clinic for these ages on Monday nights from July 20st through August 24th to work on fundamentals and baseball basics. (Rain make-ups on Thursdays and Fridays.) We plan to split the players into small groups of 3 or 4 to help encourage social distancing and have each group work with a coach to improve their baseball skills. We realize this isn’t the same as a regular baseball season, but based on the survey results for this age group along with the lower number of players expected to participate in theses ages, we feel this is the best option to still be able to provide these players with some form of baseball.

Uniforms: We will not be providing uniforms/jerseys this year for players. Based on the number of players anticipated for the season from survey results, not having uniforms printed is a more fiscally responsible way to ensure that BJLBA can cover the field rental and other costs associated with the league this year.


Safety Measures: BJLBA will encourage coaches to have their teams practice safety measures such as physical distancing, hand sanitizer, and no sharing of equipment. Additionally, we encourage parents and fans to spread out around the fields practicing physical distancing in the bleachers and throughout Winslow.  

BJLBA will NOT be mandating physical distancing, though it will be encouraged. Dugouts will be used by teams. Players will be in close contact with each other regularly while in certain game situations. BJLBA cannot guarantee that your player’s coach will implement the same level of safety practices that another coach may have.

BJLBA will NOT be mandating face masks, though if a player wants to wear one, that is fine. However, if you wish for your player to wear a mask, it will be your responsibility to enforce. That responsibility should not be shifted to the player’s coach. Coaches and umpires will not be required to wear masks, though they may do so if they wish.

We strongly encourage each player to have all of their own equipment this year: glove, bat, batting helmet. If purchasing a helmet is not an option, the league will provide one for your player for use during the season.

The Concession stand will NOT be open this season.

All players’ parent/guardian will be required to sign a COVID-19 waiver when the season starts stating that they understand the risks associated with playing this season. Waivers must be signed before your player can participate.

Registration Fees: Because we are offering a modified and shortened season with no uniforms, we are offering a reduced fee for those who participate this summer.  We will refund the difference between your original registration fee and the new registration fee so that no additional money is required. Partial refunds will be processed on July 7th through the registration website and refunded within 2 weeks following that.

Ages 5/6/7 - $40

Ages 8/9/10 - $80

Ages 11/12 - $80

Refunds: We would love to see all of you participate this year, however, we understand that there are a number of players who will choose not to play this season. We have no hard feelings about this at all! We all hope that 2021 is back to normal!

If you are planning to withdrawal from the 2020 season, we ask that you consider making your registration fee a donation to the league. Bloomington Junior League Baseball Association, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization administered by an all-volunteer board. Player registration fees and team sponsorships are the bulk our income and all goes toward league expenses such as field rental, insurance and sanctioning, uniforms, and other operating expenses. We are working to make our budget as lean as possible for 2020, but some expenses remain the same regardless of whether 100 or 500 children participate in a season. If you decide not to play and are considering your fees a donation, our tax ID number is #35-1795913. Thank you for your consideration. If you choose this option, we ask that you still email Whitney Carr at to withdrawal your child from the league so that they are not drafted to a team and counted as a continuing player.

If you would still like a refund, we completely understand. Please email Whitney Carr at REFUND REQUESTS MUST BE MADE NO LATER THAN JULY 6TH. Requests will not be accepted after that date. Emails should include your player’s name and your mailing address. Refunds will be processed through the registration website and sent out by July 20th.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented situation. We realize that this is a very uncertain time for everyone, and not everyone’s circumstances are the same. Thank you for being a part of the BJLBA family and we hope to see you at the ball park!

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