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Bloomington Junior League Baseball Association

Rules and By-laws

BJLBA By-Laws - The internal management of the league as it pertains to the BJLBA Cal Ripken Division.  This includes player eligibility, league/division structure, team composition, player selections, game, practice and post-season play scheduling rules and regulations, managers rules and regulations, conduct expectations, and process for amendments or changes.

Special Rules - All Babe Ruth Cal Ripken Division games shall be played according to the BABE RUTH LEAGUE, INC. BASEBALL RULES AND REGULATIONS AND OFFICIAL PLAYING RULES except as noted in the special rules.  The special rules document identifies rules specific to BJLBA as well as the Official Baseball Rules needing emphasis or modified for the BJLBA Cal Ripken division.

BJLBA Constitution - The fundamental rules and principles that prescribes the nature, functions, and limits of the Bloomington Junior League Baseball Association.

2019 Pitch Count Rules - 2019 Pitch Count Rules

2019 Junior Timeout Rule - 2019 Junior division timeout rules

Babe Ruth League Rule Book - Babe Ruth League rule book