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Bloomington Junior League Baseball Association

Junior (7-8)

Junior (7-8)

The playing age of each child shall be determined by the player’s age on April 30th of the current year. Further playing age information can be found in the By-Laws under Article II.

Mission Statement

The Purpose of the Bloomington Junior League 7 & 8 year old Junior Division is to introduce baseball as a game of athletic competition. The objective is to expand on the development of basic fundamentals. Games will be played according to Cal Ripken League regulations with BJLBA modifications. Primary goals will include: understanding of rules and introducing strategies, developing teamwork and unity, encouraging proper execution, promoting fair play, and positive character development.

The following ideas are helpful in understanding the BJLBA Junior division mission statement.

Character Development

Fair Play 
– A coach should promote the idea of fair play at all times. Team Unity – A coach should stress group involvement to foster teamwork and a sense of belonging for all members of the team.

Self Confidence – Children possess different levels of skill and potential. One child may be able to hit a home run while another, at best, struggles to develop a swing. A coach should acknowledge each child’s accomplishments based on their potential and ability. Positive reinforcement develops self-confidence.

 – Practice time at this age is best used on basic fundamentals of hitting, throwing, catching, and base running. Drills should be fun and challenging. With the aid of parents, skill stations of 3 or 4 players can provide much needed repetition and combat the boredom of a young attention span. Children should be encouraged to attempt proper defensive and offensive plays.

 – Offensive and Defensive strategies are introduced.

– This division is an introduction to baseball as a competitive game. Score is now recorded. Friendly competition is encouraged.

 – Get the players excited about baseball and feeling.