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Bloomington Junior League Baseball Association

Swing Player

12-Year-Old Swing Player Option


If available with MCSLBA, the swing player option is open to any BJLBA registered, 12-year-old baseball player. The program is geared for the individual and their family who wish to participate in more baseball than merely the games offered in the Major Division of the BJLBA program. A swing player plays in both the BJLBA Major Division and the MCSLBA Minor Division.

As a swing player, one will play approximately 25 to 30 games between the two leagues. The swing player is required to attend BJLBA Major Division activity in the event of scheduling conflicts between their BJLBA and MCSLBA teams. Swing players may not pitch in the MCSLBA league, may only catch 2 innings in a MCSLBA game and may only play in the BJLBA All Star program (if selected).